Our business units

ICT Security

A very experienced and talented team, CISSP certified, with more than 25 years of active solutions in the ICT and security world. We offer solutions for independents and SME's on a daily basis and provide consulting and security services for larger corporations. Contact us for more information. We add value and quality to your organization for a reasonable and professional price.

(available worldwide)
Contact us at info (at) fitzgerald.be


DHCnet offers a broad variety of solutions in the website, webserver, cloud, email and e-commerce field. Our experienced staff has decades of experience and are eager to help you build your online presence. All this in a secure, coherent and unique total solution. Even blockchain solutions are in our portfolio!

(available worldwide)
Contact us at info (at) fitzgerald.be


Need a new heater, infrared heating panel, an electrical solution for your home? With a nearly infinite range of products we can provide you with an efficient and total solution for all your electrical requirements. Certified technicians will make sure everything is installed in a professional manner and according to all laws and regulations. We only offer medium to high end products at very attractive pricing.

(Belgian market only)
Visit us at www.fe-elektro.be

Pre- & Aftersales:
One service, all the advantages

We have set up a Presales and Aftersales service for each of our business units. No matter what the question or problem with your purchase, you are always welcome to contact us. Our staff will make sure your question or issue will be looked at, providing you with the help or answers you need. And if needed, we point you to the right people to get the best possible service.

Support & Services:
This is an expertise as well

We provide a full service and support platform for our ICT business units. Ensuring full blown customer support and continuous follow-up based on SLA's. We will make sure your operational environment remains operational. We even have a service department for our electrical division providing maintenance, audits and certifications.

Warranty is a right!

What are services and products without warranty... With every purchase of a product, you will enjoy manufacturer's warranty as stated by the manufacturer and the Belgian law.

Why choose us?

More than 25 years of experience!
Our staff is very experienced and certified.
They know what solutions are needed for your requirements.

Attractive pricing
An excellent service or quality product does not have to be unpayable
Our prices are very reasonable but at the same time delivering high quality and professionalism.

Transparency and honesty
We run our company and our customer relations with complete transparency and with honesty as primary goal.
No-nonsense, no BS approach with our customers involving them every step of the way.

We listen!
We make time for our customers and listen to all their needs and this without neglecting our other customers.
A balance of trust, openness and peace of mind ensuring our customers needs are met within an acceptable timeframe.